Laundry Room: Painted! What’s Next?

Thanks to Dad Vita (Nick’s dad), the laundry room is painted! Thanks to Mom Vita (Nick’s mom), the laundry room is spotless! (Please ignore the cat litter in the picture – we have plans for that)

We love the color and we love that it cost us only $2.00 even more.

What’s next? Oh, just a couple of things.

We got this light from IKEA on sale for only $15. It’s a little long, but it works for us because we’re short people not freakishly tall. However, I am still on the fence because I do think it can get in the way when transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer. Plan B for the light is for it to reside in our closet bookshelves.

But the gray color, eh. I want a yellow light! I want to spray paint it yellow. Help me to convince Nick. Hey, Nick, I’m not pregnant anymore. I can do the spray painting from now on. Cool?

Check out our linen shelves. I can’t call it a linen closet when the shelves are so slim and there’s no door, so linen shelves it is.

I asked Dad Vita to not paint the whole thing because this is my vision:


We’ll lengthen the shelves so they’re flush to the wall (more storage!) and paint the insides either black or a dark gray. With some trim and cute weaved boxes, it’ll be a linen “closet” I can finally be excited about. I hope we can tackle that soon!

Next to the linen shelves, we’ve got a long wall of nothing. Except for that pretty blue color.

We got four Ribba frames and they’re waiting for me to add the symmetry art I made a while back. I had planned to print them at a local Kinkos and ta-da! But that didn’t work out because of corporate greed. I am one of the 99%! Ah, I will discuss that later, but basically it will be much cheaper for me to just paint it instead of getting it printed. Later, later. Soon, soon.

This wall next to the washer is empty and sad as well.

A friend (Erin!) had this genius idea of putting a fold-able ironing board on the wall, so when we (Nick) need to iron, we (Nick) could just pull the board down and iron away instead of lugging it to the game room. But would we (Nick) appreciate the fact that we (Nick) won’t be able to watch tv (ESPN) while ironing? Hmm, I will need to think (ask Nick) about it.

I LOVE our cats but HATE the cat litter situation. The cats use the litter box just fine, but they track the litter bits everywhere and the laundry room is supposed to be a place where things get clean, so it just doesn’t make sense to have the cat litter there. But there’s nowhere else in the house to put it! So, I want to design something between the washer and the dryer so that it houses the cat litter AND prevents litter tracking everywhere AND is covered up with prettiness. I hope we can achieve all that.

Dad Vita also painted the ceiling… in our usual light gray color. I feel bad for the next owners of the house – they probably will hate our light gray ceilings because most people like white ceilings and grumble about painting all the ceilings. Sorry.

I told Dad Vita that I could tape the ceiling off for him, but he gave me a Look and said that he could cut in just fine. I laughed and said, “Our walls aren’t like your flat walls in Pennsylvania. Our walls are textured and it is impossible to paint in a straight line.” He said something to the effect of “Watch me.”

Well, he was right. His painting job is perfect. Too bad most of the rooms in the house are already painted or I would have postponed his plane ticket back home and asked him to paint everything. His trick: paint the wall paint and let it spill over to the ceiling, and then go back and remove the spillage with a wet tiny brush. Genius. And I can’t believe that it worked.

So. That’s where we are with the laundry room. The next step is to tackle these cabinets.

I will need to sand off the old paint (bad drippage), if possible. I hope I won’t need to buy paint removal chemicals.

Only if this little cutie will allow me to finally tackle this project.


4 Responses

  1. Nice paint color! I especially love your inspiration picture for the built-in. That will add a nice contrast to the room. And that Visual Comfort light in the inspiration picture is one of my dream fixtures. **drool**

  2. This is my first time dropping by your blog and it’s really cute. Love the wall color in the laundry room.

  3. The wall color you chose looks great! And the built ins would look great in your space!

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