Janella – Week By Week!

We loved this idea of weekly photos with a different background every time, so we did the same but with a twist: we wanted to make sure that every background was meaningful and told a small part of Janella’s story.

She’ll be 7 weeks old tomorrow (WHAT?!), so here are the six photos we’ve taken so far… (Well, we actually took like 3,231 photos, but who’s counting?)

Week One

Background: Hospital blanket that she came home in.

Week Two

Background: Towel that dried her up after her first bath (what a disaster that first bath was…)

Week Three

Background: A darling knitted blanket from Janella’s great grandpa.

Week Four

Background: A purple fur blanket that’s on our bed. We’re co-sleeping… for now.

Week Five

Background: The curtains in Janella’s nursery.

Week Six

Background: The orange shag rug in Janella’s nursery… which was also my very first rug purchase from when I lived in my very first apartment.

That tutu is actually sized for 12 months, so it’ll be fun to see her grow into it. That blue bat is something we bought at Pecan Festival, which is a popular festival in Austin. And if you know Austin, you know why we got a stuffed bat instead of, say, a stuffed teddy bear.

I spent an inordinate amount of time last night looking through all the photos I had of Janella on my laptop. She was born only seven weeks ago? And she looked like that? She was that tiny? Amazing.


6 Responses

  1. Wait until you look through four months of photos. It’s insane! And, I need to meet Janella soon!

  2. She is beautiful 🙂

  3. Awww, what a cute idea and Janella is so beautiful!!

  4. She’s so cute. Love the little skirt, too.

  5. She’s so cute!! Time flyd by way too fast with little ones, huh. Our baby is already 6mos old, what the heck, I feel like we just had him!

  6. Elisa, I am so behind on everything Congratulations!! Janella is beyond adorable. I love her tutu! Enjoy every minute of it 🙂

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