Something new, something old, and something blue…

They’re here!!

Our new washer and dryer are here! Beautiful, front-loading, WHITE machines. Love them. Washing clothes has become fun again! (I wonder how long that’ll last…)

We got them on sale, almost 50% off, thanks to Black Friday. American consumerism, I wuv you.

Our washer broke unexpectedly, so we had to get these new machines. And we sold our dryer on Craig’s List for $40. It was noisy and old. We’ll put that $40 to use in the laundry room.

With the new washer and dryer, our plans had to be tweaked a little. I measured everything out and also measured our cabinets. Since our three cabinets are in three different sizes, I had to think about how to arrange them.

One cabinet is 36 inches long with two doors, one cabinet is 18 inches long with one door, and one cabinet is 24 inches long but only 21 inches tall (the other two are 30 inches tall). So I played with all of the possible arrangements (see the drawings along the right side of the paper).

Originally, I had planned to push the washer and the dryer apart on two sides so there would be space in between for our cat litter. But when I looked at the possible cabinet arrangements, it made more sense to have the empty space on the left side.

Then Nick came up with a great solution for the cat litter (more on that later… want to see if it works out before sharing it with you all), so I changed our plans. We’ll put a small shelving unit there to hold our dirty towels and sheets. Something like this, maybe.

You can see what cabinet arrangement I picked by the very obvious circle. I think it makes the most sense and the door and knob arrangement is the most pleasing to the eye… at least, to Elisa’s eye.

We have plentyyy of space next to the machines, so the next step is to either find an unit to fit in there or make one ourselves. We’ll see…..

Right now, I’m working on sanding away the drippy paint from the cabinets. I’m relieved that I don’t need to buy paint stripper – the sanding seems to be working. I’m not worried about sanding away ALL the paint – just the bumpy parts.

Whoa – how’d that picture of Janella get in here?

Two of the cabinets are sanded down and smooth and ready.

OK, I’d better go and sand down the last cabinet. And prime. And paint. And put them up on the wall. And buy the knobs. I’ll probably only enjoy the knob buying part.


8 Responses

  1. I can’t wait til the day I get to OWN new washer/dryer! I’m getting tired of going to a laundromat!!!

    oh, Janella is beautiful, she does LOOK much like Nick! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see the after photo! And that little baby girl is adorable. My baby girl (now 5 months) has on an outfit almost identical right now! lol

  3. My favorite part of this post? The “accidental” Janella photo–too cute!

  4. yay for the new washer and dryer! Your baby girl is darling!

  5. Janella is the perfect combination of you and Nick, both! The new and sizzlin’ hot washer/dryer doesn’t hold a candle to her 😉

  6. Wow the new washer and dryer look great! Hope ours breaks soon 😉 Not sure if you have received it before but I’ve picked you for the Versatile Blogger Award! The “winners” will be posted tomorrow morning on my blog.

  7. I love a good laundry room makeover!

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