Before and After: Janella’s First Dresser

This is definitely my favorite part of Janella’s nursery.

Why do cameras hate the color teal? The color never shows up right in photos. Our teal office looks blue in pictures, and the same goes for this dresser. I don’t know what the color of the dresser looks like on your monitor, but I’m looking at the above photo and it screams BLUE to me.

I heavily edited a photo to show you what the color really looks like in real life…

nursery teal dresser after 1

The teal color is very close to this:

teal bluevia

So – for the following pictures, just tell your eyes to stop lying to you and look at the dresser as if it’s teal, not blue. Got it? Good.

This project was all Nick’s doing… I was pregnant at the time, so he did all the work. I’m so happy I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m telling you. Not because I can paint now, but just because. Pregnancy = blah. But I will gladly do it again because… well, just look at her.

silly janella


It took several coats to get it to its final teal-ness. We tried out flat paint this time – all of our previous furniture painting was with satin paint. I’m not too sure I would recommend flat paint due to the amount of coats Nick had to do. But was that because of the flat paint or because the color is so saturated? Not sure.

The color is Behr’s Peacock Tail. After two coats of primer (which was white, not tinted, which might have also contributed to the need of several coats of teal paint?) and two coats of the teal paint, the dresser looked like this:

You could easily see all the brush marks and the color was uneven. But after two (or three?) more coats, the color finally looked right. Whew.

Nick, hard at work. Note the toilet paper on the sofa behind him. I had a cold at the time, OK? Also note how we taped off the edges with green tape. An important step – if we didn’t do that, the paint job would have looked sloppy on the drawers.

The painting wasn’t so bad, but the poly was a beast. Nick tried everything and we still could see streaks at the top from the poly. It’s not so noticeable anymore, but you can see the streaks in the next photo.

So annoying. I think we’ll go with wipe-on poly next time, or spray-on poly. But spray-on poly is sorta expensive and we’re sorta cheapstakes thrifty.

Then I couldn’t decide whether to keep the hardware brass or paint it silver, but after a vote on this and all of your helpful comments, we decided to keep it brass. But I’ll do some cleaning up to make them shine sometime later. Later. I love that word: LATER. I wanna try this nontoxic, homemade brass polish – it looks very nifty! Nifty, that’s another favorite word.

nursery teal dresser after

nursery teal dresser after

The dresser is the perfect size to hold all the STUFF that a baby requires. I’m really glad we didn’t go with a smaller dresser! Our changing pad also fits on the top of it perfectly, with space left over for other STUFF. What, I don’t know. I don’t have any experience with babies older than 3 months. I’m learning as I go here, people.

nursery teal dresser after

The nursery is nearing completion. What’s left:

– Finishing up the bird mobile that my mom made
– Creating a map canvas thingy to put on the wall behind the crib
– Washing our old orange shaggy rug
– Painting the daybed a glossy white
– Painting the mirror to be put up next to the bookshelves
– Painting the side table some color, to be decided later

Not too bad… I knew we wouldn’t finish the nursery in time for Janella’s arrival, but we made it functional before that big date and I’m glad we did! At least, hopefully we’ll finish it completely before Janella moves in there. When will that be, Janella? When? WHEN?

15 Responses

  1. Love the dresser redo! It’s good to know someone else has had their fair share of trouble with poly.

  2. Love the new color! Such a happy color. I know what you mean about teal being photographed…Just painted my bedroom a peacock blue and every time I photographed it for the blog it looked like a different color! Ay yi yi.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. I love that dresser, I agree that teal is very hard to photograph. I really love spray lacquer, it is a little pricey but so much easier to use and quick quick quick! Our dining room table is nearly indestructible after using Deft spray lacquer. Honestly, I left a hot Lean Cuisine package on the table and it stuck to the finish, but i came off cleanly with some Howards products. Go lacquer! Good luck finishing that nursery…oh, and being pregnant really sucks, I hear ya on the ‘blah!’

  4. SO pretty! I think that’s my favorite color of all time, and I’m so glad you kept the brass hardware!

  5. Wow that color is so beautiful- what a great storage piece for her bedroom!

  6. I LOVE that dresser! I’m expecting in July and have been scouring Craigslist for a similarly-low dresser like this. Slim pickins where I live, unfortunately. But you chose a beautiful color and good choice on keeping the hardware. It’s more unexpected than silver and I really like that.

  7. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!! That could not be any more gorgeous!!

  8. gorgeous rugs and adorable baby!

  9. It’s SO great, Elisa! Thanks for showing us the actual color – I could totally picture it 🙂 Love it! And I was *just* ooing and ahing over those sunglasses at Target tonight. So cute 🙂

  10. Wow. Looks gorgeous!

  11. It’s so great getting to read your blogs…you have such a way with words! The nursery is adorable, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Janella! She is absolutely PRECIOUS!

  12. Can we see pictures of the entire baby’s room? I know you’ve been posting things as you work on them, but I would really love to see photos that sort of give us a tour of the room, now that it’s mostly finished?

  13. Thanks, guys, glad to know y’all love it as much as I do!

    Lauren, I will… soon-ish!

  14. Great sheen, fabulous drawers, and my favorite color. Super job, Elisa!

  15. That inihsgt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

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