Janella’s First Tooth!

Come on, Janella, let’s show these nice people your first tooth!


Open your pretty mouth, dear…


No, no, don’t bite my finger. Open wider!


Your tongue is very cute, yes, but not what we’re looking for.


There we are!

Now you can go back to chewing on Sophie.

That was last week. As of today, she’s the proud owner of two teeth! Geez!

What’s next… will she be begging me to use makeup next week?


11 Responses

  1. Aw she’s so pretty! Congrats on the first tooth Janella 🙂

  2. I cannot get over how beautiful her eyes are!!!

  3. Congratulations Miss Janella! (She is BEAUTIFUL.)

  4. I still haven’t got a good pic yet…and Brie got her second one too. These two really need to get together for a play date soon :)!

  5. So cute. She looks just like your husband!

  6. hee hee 🙂 so cute!!! lily keeps acting like she’s going to cut any day now, but still no sign of an actual tooth. just lots of drool! we have sophie, too, btw. janella’s a little doll!

  7. Already?!?!? So early compared to Annabelle and Jonah! Wow! They were more than a year old before their tooth says “hello, I’m here”.

    Hugs hugs

  8. Wow!! Crazy, Avery just got his first tooth last week at almost 8mos!! I was beginning to think he’d never get a tooth 🙂

    She has such pretty eyes!

  9. Yes, Janella is a mutant. Most babies get their first tooth at around 7 months. Maybe Janella will become one of the X-Men? To be fair, Nick got his first tooth at TWO MONTHS and I got mine at four months, so…

  10. That is some ridiculous cuteness!

  11. Hi Janella,

    I nominated An Inch of Gray for Best Family Blog at Apartment Therapy’s 2012 The Homies. I hope you will vote. Just want to lift Anna’s spirits. Thanks!

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