Spray Paint Mania

Do you get spray paint mania? Right after you spray paint something and you remember how easy it is and you love the result, you go foraging around the house looking for things you can spray paint.

I’m in the middle of a manic episode right now. I’m even considering spray painting my dining table. Fortunately, there’s a wise guy here named Nick who will stop me from committing this madness.

But nothing is stopping me from spray painting things that don’t work in our house in their original state.

It all started with this little project:

the thinker and the cat, before

The Thinker and the Snobby Cat were both Home Goods finds. We grabbed The Thinker a long while back for the office and I planned to spray paint it white, because it was just too dark and we don’t need any more gray things in this house. The Snobby Cat is a recent find and it was too silver – the kind that looks cheap. It looks better in the photo than it did in real life.

My original plan: turn The Thinker into a white statue and paint the Snobby Cat a cool orange.

I gave both mini-statues a coat of primer. This step changed everything.

The Thinker just didn’t look good in white. It made him look fat… well, not really. He just had too many dents and dings and he looked weird. This photo shows this, but this was after the first coat of teal spray paint.

The Thinker doesn't look good in white

Sorry to ruin the surprise but we decided to make him go teal.

Also, the white primer on the Snobby Cat looked really good and I decided that he had to get a lighter color than orange. What about a bright yellow?

Snobby Cat turns yellow

He’s still snobby, but he looks better doing his snobby thing.

Here’s The Thinker in all of his teal glory.

The Thinker goes teal

Why does my camera curse me so? That’s not teal, that’s blue, camera!

Here’s the same photo, edited heavily to show you the real teal color that it looks like in real life.

This, but only darker.

Well, this is a really simple project (spray paint projects always are) but let me tell you something that I learned…

Rust-oleum spray paint is the best.

rust-oleum spray paint is the best

It coats BEAUTIFULLY… Just be sure to shake the can constantly as you spray. It costs slightly more, but it’s worth it. It’ll be the only spray paint I’ll use from now on – if the color is right. I just wish they had more colors!

The Thinker was sprayed with Rust-oleum Satin Lagoon and Snobby Cat was sprayed with Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in yellow. Both great, bright, saturated colors.

The pair is now happy in their new home – the Expedit in our game room.

The Thinker and Snobby Cat in their Expedit Home

The nice thing about creating a home with a good color flow is that these things can be put in any room and still look good. So, even though they look good in the expedit right now, they might make a move sometime in the future.

Remember what I said about my current manic episode? Well… guess what I’m working on right now. Here’s a hint:

In other news – I hope you had a great Easter weekend!! We spent ours at the park and it was perfect. Mounting Bloggif


Pretty Painted Vases, Part 2

I should probably explain my absence for the past three weeks.

Janella learned how to flip to her stomach and that resulted in days and days and days and days and days of sleep deprivation on my part, but now she is 100% happy sleeping on her stomach and I am 95% okay with it. Maybe 85%.

So. Where was I?

Ah, yes. The painted vase project.

painted vase fail

The good news? The paint was easy to remove.

peeling off the paint glass vase

After peeling off the huge globs of paint, I was able to remove the rest with a damp paper towel.

So you can see that the tape on the vase didn’t work out… but in some parts the tape really did work. You can see some crisp lines here and there. I think that tape COULD work if you had a lot of space (e.g. a bigger vase) to maneuver and press the tape on the glass harder than I was able to.

Once the vase was free of the paint, I just poured in some new paint and followed all of my tips. I tell you, I give great tips. The painting of this vase went beautifully and it dried much faster than the other vases did.

pretty blue vase

(Ugh blurry photo) Boring, maybe? But still pretty!

Since I still had several more vases looking forlorn, I tried another paint trick.

A few weeks ago we stopped by West Elm (aka Heaven on Earth) just to look around (and pick up a few cute things, of course) and I thought this vase was cute:

west elm vase paint stripeI told Nick, “Hey, what do you think of this? I could attempt this with one of our glass vases!!”

Nick chuckled to himself with one eyebrow raised and then gave me a little shrug and stuck out his bottom lip (the international facial expression for ‘maybe or whatever’) and walked away with Janella. The nerve…

I made this, and Nick loves it. Elisa for the win!

yellow stripe on vase

I just poured in a little of the paint – enough for it to slide down the side, but not too much that it’ll drip all over the place. But the paint was a little too thick so it moved way too slowly for impatient little me. And the stripe turned out to be triangle-y.

painting a yellow stripe on vase

I’m waiting for it to dry before doing the other side to reduce the likelihood of drips – and I will try thinning out the paint with a little water. That should work.

OK! Enough about vases! But wait. I want to bask in the glory of “I FINALLY DID IT AND IT LOOKS PRETTY” so look at this Expedit set up with my “new” vases.

expedit in game room

Can you spot all the painted vases? I also experimented with a painting technique from this tutorial (see the green vase on the right, second row) but it didn’t really make for a pretty result.

I enjoyed playing around with the styling of the expedit! It gave me a few minutes of relaxation in between Janella’s cries today. It’s still very visually cluttered, but it is so much better than what was there now. I “shopped” the whole house to try to fill out the expedit and now I know exactly what we need for it. We need some white things (see the closet light cover on the bottom right, ha) that pop, five baskets to line the bottom to fill games with and reduce visual clutter, and a few colorful frames here and there of our favorite people.

I’m also SLIGHTLY considering spray-painting some of the game boxes. That’s a little crazy, maybe?

Now you can go! And I promise I won’t disappear for three weeks again. Unless Janella learns how to stand on her head or something…

laughing janella

"HA HA! I have PLANS for you, mom! HAHAHA!"

A Poem for the Door on the Wall

Door, door on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of all?

Door, door on the wall,
I think you have lots of gall,

To strut your stuff,
When, strangely enough,

You’re supposed to hide
Our AC/heating unit behind.

Door, door on the wall,
All you do is appall.

You’re so white,
You give us a fright.

Door, door on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of all?

My cat couldn’t stop staring,
At your glossy white paint glaring,

That we had to paint on
Some prime to make you gone.

Door, door on the wall,
You no longer stand so tall.

Door, door on the wall,
Do you hear your curtain call?

We made you disappear,
Now we can cheer.

(Another view of the game room below – this room is SOOO unfinished but I love how it looks with the dark gray paint! This room doesn’t get a lot of light but the dark gray makes it look even brighter for some reason… I think it’s because the white trim pops along with all the white/cream furnishings!)

Sectional Sofa Dreams Answered by Craig

Know what? Nick is now addicted to Craig’s List and does MORE searching than me! How did that happen?? He’s even more successful than me… and I love it!

He found this sweet sectional sofa for $200!

This sofa is great – it’s comfortable, it’s pretty, and did I say it was only $200?

I enjoy the chevron pattern on it. I’ve been meaning to bring in some chevron in this house, but Nick did it for me. Awesome.

What’s more, the sofa is Drexel – solid, solid construction and will last a long time.

The sofa isn’t perfect, though:

I plan to add some trim to the sofa to cover up the imperfections. I checked out M & J Trimmings and here are our four top choices:

1, 2, 3, 4.

Now that I’ve gotten the trim search out of my system, I’ll probably just wait until we’ve got the rug and the art and the pillows in place before deciding on the trim. My mom suggested nail heads, which could be another cool option. Do you know of other stores where we can check out more trim choices at reasonable prices?

Just for fun, I considered a fringe trim for a hot second:

Wouldn’t this trim be so much fun? I remember seeing a great sofa with a crazy fringe in a magazine or online a little while ago – do you remember?? If so, please tell me where I can find it! I wouldn’t really put a fringe on this sofa, but it’s fun to think about.

Show and tell, outlet mall style

I don’t usually shop at Pottery Barn, but I love me some Pottery Barn Outlet!

Look what else we got recently! Not from Craig’s List. About time, I know. They’re from Pottery Barn Outlet… during Labor Day weekend. We went to the dangerous San Marcos Outlet Mall (because it is so magical that you can spend $300 and still feel like you saved money).

I am sorry I had to take the above picture with a flash. That is a blog rule broken, but bad lighting + bad camera + bad photographer = bad picture, so I just had to use a flash. But look how green it is! And how BIG. The next picture, taken without a flash, shows how big it is compared to a light blub.

They were marked down from $150 each to $50 each! Nick spotted them in the store, good job my husband. I’ve trained you well. They will find their final destination in our game room, on a couple of white side tables – all according to our color plan for that room.

Another great thing about Pottery Barn Outlet? They have West Elm stuff! I planned on hacking a couple of IKEA Lack tables to make them look like a West Elm side table (like THIS) but when we saw this on sale (a hundred something, down from $200), we just had to grab it.

White and Modern, next to Old Fashioned and Gray. I like. (I also love the folding detail on the arms of the sofa. Pretty.)

I envision a big silver lamp on this table. Or do you think another color lamp would work better?

The best part about this table?

It can hide away all the catalogs that we keep, instead of on the coffee table.

We’ll be stalking the store for a second side table for the other side of the sofa (say that five times fast), but if all fails, we can always get the second side table at regular price.

FYI: Other notables I saw at Pottery Barn Outlet in Austin – this lamp and this side table, for less than what they’re selling on the website. At Crate & Barrel Outlet in Austin, this sofa from CB2, but in orange, is selling for much less and I loved their pretty curtains – just not the colors for me, but if you need something in orange or blue or khaki…

Kings Play Chess On Fat Girls’ Stomachs.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

This is how I remembered the order of these scientific terms. Ugh, I hated biology. This silly mnemonic device was the only thing I enjoyed about Biology in high school. And I took Biology 101 and 102 in college during the summer so I would only suffer through six weeks rather than one full year of this cursed class. And now our new roommate is a Biology teacher. I’m sure he’s a much better Biology teacher than the ones I had. I am still so glad that I am done with school and never have to take Biology again, EVER!

Wait – this is a house blog, right? What a tangent.

Kings play chess on fat girls’ stomachs. Chess is a game. You can’t play a game without a flat surface to play on. A table usually works best. And our game table is finally done! Okay, we’re back on track.

Before – a cheap dining set from IKEA:


(Please forgive me for the lame attempt at styling. I watched the uber-awesome Emily on her new show, Secrets of a Stylist, and got inspired. Emily would be disappointed in me. Actually, she would just laugh at me.)

I think it looks much better in white! But sorta plain. I want to add cushions to it. And it will look so much better once we paint our game room a dark gray. And then get wood flooring installed.

I am a visual person, so I want to show you what it will look like later on. Yes, you guessed it… It’s Bad Photoshop Time!

This is the worst photoshop, EVER. Did you notice that I missed a table leg (on the right)? But you get the idea, I hope.

In case you wanted to see the fabrics in their original state, here are photos – all are from Fanny’s Fabrics in Austin. Great little fabric shop. I don’t know if we’ll go with any of them, but these are the general colors we’re going for.

Is my photoshopping skills so bad that I should just stop?

Lousy Photos = Accidental Art!

Our camera went through a lot of trials and tribulations during our Central America vacation last month, so some of our photos are weird and not that good. Sad.

I have no idea why the two photos here turned out this way, since our other photos of our horseback riding trip turned out fine. But I just find them so very cool and fascinating, so I think we’re going to print them out (with some editing to enhance color, perhaps) and frame them and put them up as wonky homemade art in our game room (planned color scheme: dark gray, green, teal)!



Make lemonade out of lemons. Every cloud has a silver lining. It was all for the best. What other cliches could I have used here?