(fantasy) outdoor space

After a miserable week of going through boxes and boxes of Kleenx and bursting all the blood vessels in my nose, you might say I’m ready for spring.

Actually, let’s skip spring and just go straight to summer. My favorite season.

So, when Liz at It’s Great to be Home asked this question for her blog party: If I won a free makeover for one room in my home, I would… the answer was easy for me.

I would ask for an outdoor room to be created and decorated, please! Our patio currently looks like this (but add the grass, this was pre-sod):

I’m sorry, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a patio. A tiny cement block is the only thing there. We have a lot of work to do here.

For my fantasy makeover of this space, we would add something like this:

High Gloss Magazine

Specifically, the roof/columns, the gray stone floor, and the lighting. And we definitely plan on switching out our lame sliding door for a black french door.

Ahh, looking better already. But we’re not done!

The color scheme here is green, orange, cream white, and blue. Start with a green striped rug (1) and add a nice creamy white outdoor sectional sofa (2). Fun blue side tables (3) could hang out to hold margaritas. I would love this hanging chair (4), either hanging off the porch or with a stand. I like the shape of this coffee table (5), but I would either stain it a dark color or paint it. Then we have our pillows – one made out of this great fabric (6) and then add this pillow, that pillow, and another pillow (7). Come to think of it, I could use the navy fabric to make a cushion for the hanging chair, that would be cool. Lastly, these coasters are very cute but I would want plates similar to this for outdoor grub.

Add lots of Mexican beer with salt and lemon slices and now that’s what I call summer!


Colorful houses are fun to drive by on your way to work!

We have HOA in our neighborhood, so we don’t have colorful houses around. It’s all bricks or varying shades of tan/beige siding with some white limestone thrown in. Very exciting, I know… At least we have colorful and fun houses all around the downtown area of Austin, especially near the South Congress area.

I pass this house every day when we drive to work. And I admire it every day.

I love the gray (duh, have you seen our house?) and the navy blue and the white. It is just perfect.

Other colorful houses near South Congress:

Yellow and light blue, very cute combination…

Green and red. Could have been too christmasy, but it’s not.

I would love to meet the people living here. Bold, with an aqua/red color scheme!

I snapped these pics to hopefully help my mom and her hubby decide what colors to paint their new house. They decided on yellow, which would have been very cute, but then they just changed their minds and will paint it gray! I am THRILLED and I think I will visit way more often now that they are going with gray paint.

But, dang, they’re working on their exterior in this heat! My mom has a LOT more energy than me, I admire her!! But I will claw you if you say “oh I can’t wait for fall!” No matter how hot summer gets, summer is ALWAYS BETTER THAN FALL. It is also BETTER THAN WINTER. Spring is nice and all, but summer rocks.

We still have yet to find out if we’re even allowed to paint our front door a robin blue color

$67 worth of furniture

So, last friday was a good day. Yes, I woke up with ANOTHER head cold (I mean, second one in a span of three weeks? Does this happen to you?) but we had the day off from work AND we got two cute pieces of furniture via Craig’s List and I am very excited to be working on them.

Yeah, it will take me months before I finally start working on them but STILL.

Coffee table, bamboo style, baby. All you bloggers have gotten me hooked on bamboo furniture and Campaign dressers (which I now want as side tables for our living room or our game room, not sure yet). Thanks a lot. No, no sarcasm there. Thank you for introducing me to these beauties!

Enough talk. Picture time:

Don’t you just love the legs?

We will paint it WHITE.

Got it down from $120 to $60. Pretty good. And we almost offered higher! What happened was, I saw it on Craig’s List and I fell in love with the table. $120 OBO, the ad said. I swallowed my “aww, i feel bad”-ness and shot an email to the owner and offered $60. And heard nothing back for a few days.

“I guess I offered too low,” I told Nick.

He said, “Oh well.” And resumed playing poker online.

A few days later, I was sick and trolling through CL again. Ah, I spy the coffee table again – the ad was reposted. Hmm. I showed the ad to Nick.

“It got put up again! I guess either nobody offered what they wanted to get for the table? They never replied to my email,” I said. “I guess my offer was too low. Should I send another email and offer a bit higher? Like, $80 or something?”

Nick shrugged. “Maybe…”

I said, “Is $80 too low? $90? $100? But really, we can WAIT. We don’t need a coffee table RIGHT NOW. We have a couple of projects we should be focusing on…”

Nick nodded.

“But I really, really, really love this coffee table. I mean, its perfect. I haven’t seen any other coffee table as perfect as this one.”

He smiled. “Why don’t you offer $60 again?”

“But they didn’t EVEN reply to my email. Maybe they were insulted.”

“Just try. If they say no, they might come up with another price and we can see from there.”

“You’re right. It won’t hurt us. I won’t get, like, bit or something.”

So I sent another email – and I got a prompt reply! They said, “Oh, I didn’t get your previous email. Sure, you have it. Come and pick it up when you can.”

YAHOOOOO. I just REALLY love that coffee table. And the woman we picked it up from was so nice. Her son was the cutest thing on the face of the earth. When we left, she sent me another email, saying, “We’re so happy that it’s going to someone who will appreciate it.” How nice.

We also picked up this $7 side table that we’ll paint/silver leaf/spray-paint silver for the guest bedroom.

And I turned around and whoa. Our tree finally has leaves.

Life is good. If only I would finally heal from this stupid head cold. HEAL, BODY, HEAL!

Our hard work pays off…

Sometimes, the grass is NOT greener on the other side.

When we bought our home, we had the option of having the builder put in sod on our backyard or leaving it for us to do it ourselves. We decided that we didn’t want to pay interest on sod and pay labor, so we did it ourselves.

The worst two days of our lives. (Nick says at least it was good exercise.)

But today I looked out of our bedroom window and, wow, big difference. Our neighbor had their sod put in by the builder. Theirs aren’t as green as ours. Not even close.

Yes, our grass (bermuda) is dormant through winter but it’s getting warmer around here so it would make sense for the grass to become a bit green by now. I can’t believe the difference. Our front lawn is not as green – but then again, it was laid by the builder (no choice on our part).

We dug out SO MANY ROCKS (we actually STILL have some of the rocks – I have no idea how we’re going to get rid of them) that I really doubt that the builder bothered with getting rid of all the huge rocks under ground. Maybe that made a big difference?

Our biggest goal this summer is to keep our grass stay green, free of weeds, and mowed regularly. We epically failed last year.

Yes, there’s some weeds out there in our backyard. We’re on it. But IT WON’T STOP RAINING what feels like every other day. Did we accidentally move to Seattle?