Walk the Line

The paint job on our dining room is DONE… for now, sorta. Just a few touch-ups here and there, but pretty much DONE!

That light-gray wall in the dining room that we didn’t like? Now it’s dark gray!

However, we had to do a LOT of touch-ups because of the corners. Thanks to an experienced-male-who-won’t-be-named-because-I-don’t-think-he-is-proud-of-how-knowledgeable-he-is-about-home-decor, the corners weren’t very hard to do. But they took up quite some time. Whoever said a watched pot doesn’t boil should try watching paint dry.

If you live in a house with knock-down texture, this is a MUST. When painting stripes or corners of any kind between two different colors of paint, you need to do the following things:

1. Paint the first color on the wall and spilling past where you want the line to be. (In our case, we started with gold)

2. Put the tape on the wall.

3. Paint over the line with the same color paint (again, we painted the tape with gold).


4. Let dry. Paint a second coat if necessary (we had to do this because the dark gray still stepped through after the first coat).

5. Paint over the line with your second color (for us, dark gray).

painting a corner

6. Second coat, if needed (unfortunately, it was needed for us).

7. Before the second coat dries, pull off the tape! You should have a near-perfect line.

gray gold dining room

Isn’t that satisfying? It was for me. Ahhhh. Some tiny, tiny touch-ups will be done with a tiny, tiny paintbrush (I aim for perfection) but for now, it looks great!

And now for everyone (mine, at least)’s favorite part – the before and after shots!


before dining room


gold and gray dining room

Not that BIG of a difference but I think the dining room looks much more cohesive now. Plus, they kind of match our cats…

We’re stopping with this room for now. We need to buy a dining table before even thinking about making any other purchases or adding anything on the walls. And we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t buy a dining table until we get that 8,000 from Uncle Sam…. which we will use to pay off all our debt (expect the good debt) and then get wood flooring AND THEN A TABLE.

Check back in February-ish to see our purty dining table! (I have to get one by then because that month I am hosting Ladies’ Game Night. Eeps..)


6 Responses

  1. Hey, that looks really slick! Seriously, you guys did a great job with that line. And I definitely like your choice to carry the dark gray over into the other room. You’re right – much more cohesive 🙂

    Looks great!


  2. Thanks, Jacci! I stare at the corners everyday with a smile…

  3. Nice work. Be proud of your straight line. (Love the gray, too, by the way.)

  4. Elisa- are you still looking for the dining table? If so, check this link out: http://www.popcornserveddaily.com/2009/12/kitchen-table-before-after.html

    Hope it helps. =D

    -d@rL3n3 $@n+i@g0

  5. wow.. it looks really great, although i didn’t notice the lack of “cohesiveness” before, hmm..

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