Paint It Yourself.

Our walls are BLANK because our wallets are EMPTY. Real art costs so much. I wish I could buy it… but since the art we like usually costs more than 1k, I think I will put my artist genes to good use (my mom’s an artist) and whip up some homemade art. No offense to the artists who made the art shown below, but I chose these because 1. I really like them, and 2. I think I can replicate them.

via Carrier and Company via Little Green Notebook

This is simple enough, but really pretty and striking! Nick’s not big on florals, and this isn’t tooo “flower-y”.


via Room and Board

I think I could recreate them using Photoshop and then paint in the colors. Again, simple, but modern and cool.


via Decor Demon (can’t find the exact link I got this picture from)

When I saw this on the Decor Demon blog, I loved the idea!! The designer took a picture of some toy cars and you see the result here. Of course, I would need a fancy camera, which we obviously don’t have, as you can see from our crapastic photos. But I could always borrow a friend’s DSLR (when she gets it fixed) and snap away at something meaningful and/or random and blow it up. Actually, the other day I saw a tiny green frog hanging on our front door and I thought that could be a really cool blown up photo art to be used in our soon-to-be gray/green game room, but the picture I took 100% sucked. Witness:

Yeah. Oh well. Moving on…


via Express Night Out


via The New Domestic via How About Orange

These two photos were done with some tape and paint. This would be really easy and fast to do.

via Z Gallerie

I like this graphic art, but not the price tag. Honestly, this wouldn’t be too hard to do, but maybe time consuming. I saw it close up – and it seems that the artist made a grid and then drew on circles on each of the lines, so the circles overlapped, and then painted in some of the overlaps with various colors. This could be cute for our office.


via Interior Design

Ignore the weird floor and the “FUN” silver letters – focus on the art! Anyone could do this one.

Some great examples of DIY art inspired by “real” art: Silhouette Horse Art (linked to by Bromeliad) and logo graffiti art. AND we cannot forget the art piece that my mom is working on in between working on her house… Don’t worry, mom, take your time!!


11 Responses

  1. I definitely think you can recreate some of these!

    I hope you go for it! I’d love to see how it turns out!

  2. Ah, you and your hidden agenda! šŸ™‚ I’ll get new lens this weekend.

    I like the first one, btw.

  3. Your frog picture made me laugh out loud.

    Love all the options. You can definitely diy something.

    I just did my own lame Franz Kline artwork after seeing something in House Beautiful. Will post something soon.

  4. Love the orange and grey striped painting – totally DIYable. If you’re looking for a great frog picture for your game room, let me know. I have an awesome close up photo of the cutest little frog on our driveway…

  5. You can totally do your own artwork– I’ve done it before and in fact, I do have have a blank canvas at home right now waiting to be painted on. An artist once told me that no one could go wrong painting something, it’s still going to be art!

  6. Thanks for the positive vibes, guys… Just gotta decide which one to do first…!

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