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[Nicholas & Elisa Vita]

We’re living in our first house and decorating it step by step, decision by decision, and budget by budget. Come and follow along as we learn what it takes to be homeowners and laugh at us when we mess up. Sounds like fun, right?

We got married on March 1, 2009 and moved in our house in Austin, Texas around the same time. We had a sweet addition to our little family on October 18, 2011 when our cutie pie Janella Ali Vita came into the world. We also have two sweet and stubborn bengal cats, Vaquero and Tala.

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10 Responses

  1. nice blog and you are offering good home articles

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. OMG, I actually selected the same yellow graphic fabric that you decided not to get to upholster a wing back chair. And doing the master bedroom in grey and yellow!!!

  4. I have been looking for good DIY blogs, and I found yours!! Love it! Your home is so nice. We are in similar boats right now. I just bought my first home and am just waiting on my closing date! Super excited to start getting some DIY projects started. I am an HGTV junkie and have been dreaming of a home of my own to put my stamp on.

    You found a follower. 🙂

  5. Have you read any good books lately?

  6. One moment, please

  7. I’m doing an internship

  8. Yes, I love it!

  9. Thanks funny site

  10. I like watching TV

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