Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

We need a dining table, STAT.

54 inches. Black. Round. These are our only requirements.

(well, and it can’t cost three thousand. yes we saw a table for 3k and we said NO)

Our top contenders so far:

Click here to view larger image

Z Gallerie

Ballard Designs

We will go to a local Z Gallerie to check out the first table. It is not black, like we want, but it is a dark wood – so we will see how we like the color.

The Ballard Designs table is definitely black but we can’t check it out in person – they only have stores in Georgia and Florida. (That’s a hint, Dear Reader)

Come on! I want to find a table! I’ve been too embarrassed to invite people over because of that cheap ikea dining set from my old apt! (And yet I’ve had no qualms sharing pictures with the world on my blog… Weird.)


2 Responses

  1. i’ll have to see him in that movie- i only saw him in the “grandfather” roles or whatever.. never as the young guy someone brought home to meet the parents, eh.. he also has a GORGEOUS daughter, wowww! lovelove his daughter, sidney (i think it’s spelt differently, but i can’t seem to remember how, eh..)

  2. oh, and i definitely prefer the first one as a tall person- less painful on my legs šŸ˜‰

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