A Labor of Love

You know how a project you think you’ll finish in a couple of hours turns into a couple of days? Yeah, that’s what happened to me with this “simple” project.

I found this tutorial through one of the zillions of blogs I read and I immediately pinned it on Pinterest, since I had a torn paper lantern that I bought from IKEA around four years ago for my old apartment but never hung it up. Talk about procrastination, I am the Queen. Bow down to me.

This was Martha Stewart’s version of the tissue paper lantern, and I fell in love. I thought it would be perfect for the nursery. The nifty, cute little stop-motion video (actually a slideshow) convinced me that this project would be the easiest project EVER.

It said to get paper tissue circles. Huh? Paper tissue circles? What’s that? I jetted off to Hobby Lobby and found folded tissue paper for stuffing in gift packages. Not it… then I went to Michaels and the color options there were even worse. I settled with the folded tissue paper at Hobby Lobby and selected the teal ones. Later, much later, I read through the instructions more carefully and found out that I could have bought this. After I had spent hours of tracing out circles and cutting them out. Oh well. I saved $4 and shipping. This is slavery… I’m working for less than minimum wage!

Anyway. If you ever decide to do this project, just buy the paper tissue circles. Trust me.

Here I am, still optimistic after all that tracing and cutting out, holding up the paper lantern:

And the first stage looked like this:

I put the tissue paper on the lantern by way of permanent double stick tape, as per the instructions. I thought it wouldn’t work well, but it did!

Tape, stick on lantern. Tape, stick on paper lantern. Rinse and repeat 1000x times.

I ended the day with this…

Nick’s addicted to his latest book, World Without End, by Ken Follett – it’s the sequel to Pillars of the Earth. Addicted, I tell you.

After a couple of days of more tracing, cutting, taping, and then tracing, cutting, taping, and then… you get the idea.

Voila! It’s really pretty in real life and it’s hanging out in the nursery on the ceiling light for now until we find the perfect layout for the nursery. I won’t be putting a light in it, but you could. It’ll probably go over the crib, the changing table, or in a corner.

I like how it brings out the blue in the curtains:

And especially how it continually twirls because of the AC…

I’m happy with the results. One thing completed for the nursery, many more to complete before the baby comes! I only have 9 weeks left, can you believe it? I really can, this is taking too long…

**EDIT: I got an email saying that they had some problems commenting on this here blog! Their comments got deleted mysteriously…Do you have problems as well? Please email me and let me know and I’ll try to fix it… somehow?**


7 Responses

  1. That is GORGEOUS! Perfect perfect perfect.

    On the topic of circles – they also sell circle cutters at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Like GIGANTIC hole punches! I love them! I like to buy them in every size like it’s some kind of reasonable thing to collect.

    BTW, I just ordered fabric for some curtains in my breakfast nook in the Covington Wilmington Multi fabric. Is that what I see in your nursery?! (If so, I’m even more excited about my curtains now. Yours look awesome!) Are they lined?

    • I DID look for the circle cutters – but I couldn’t find them… I should have looked a bit harder. I bet I will find them easily the next time I go to Hobby Lobby.. drats!

      Thank you so much for the fabric name. Yes, it’s the same fabric! No – not lined. They let in a lot of light…

  2. Such a pretty project, your belly looks cute 🙂

  3. The pendant is super cute! Thanks for visiting my blog – I actually featured your stunning coffee table today because it inspired me to buy a similar one.

  4. Fabulous. I’m in awe.

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I made one of these for my kids’ birthday party. I bought the pre-cut circles, but it still took me a lot longer than I expected. I did rainbow stripes and it was so hard to keep them straight and my tape didn’t hold well. Glad you got through it, because they really are beautiful. Love your blue.

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