Flowers Make Everything Better

This is a really simple project that I did for our guest bedroom just before Nick’s parents came to stay with us for two weeks after Janella was born. This is something you can do with all the leftover wrapping paper you’ll probably end up with after you wrap all of your presents for Christmas!

We haven’t really done anything with the guest bedroom… yet. I can’t wait to tackle this room!

The nightstands you see on both sides of the bed – they’re waiting for a makeover. We got them off Craig’s List a while back.

The insides of the drawers are pretty grungy. I cleaned them as best as I could, but they didn’t LOOK clean. I know that if I was a guest, I would hesitate to put my clothes in these. And we don’t have a dresser in the room – the room is too narrow for that – so these nightstands are the only spaces for our guests to put their clothes in, other than the closet.

I wanted to line them but I didn’t want to spend a cent. I checked my stash of wrapping paper and found this pretty flower print. Perfect.

I measured the inside of the drawer and cut out the wrapping paper in the same measurements.

I used permanent double stick tape on the back of the wrapping paper and just rolled it on, like so:

Yes, my hand is that veiny and freckled. Ain’t that a beauty?

And that’s it. It’s better to cut the wrapping paper just a little bigger than smaller, so your paper will go up the edges a little bit, like this:

When you look at it from a normal distance, it looks perfect. On some sides I cut it too close and it left a gap, which was more noticeable.

This simple and free addition made the drawers just a little bit prettier.

That’s it. But I am really so ready to paint these drawers and make them pretty. I can’t decide what color to paint them, though. The lamps are yellow (we also have orange lamps standing by as an alternative), the walls are kelly blue, and I want to paint the headboard white. (Or upholster it in a cool fabric, but $$ and time)

White nightstands? Too much white? Gray? Leave it wood on the top and sides, and paint the drawers white? I can’t decide. Please, chime in and let me know what you think!! Here’s a close-up of the nightstands:



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