Pretty Sweet (and White)

Yesterday was a fateful day.

Yesterday, I saw two blog posts. One showed this picture:

livingroom by jenloveskev.

from jenloveskev

And I fell in love. That dark gray walls! Same as our dining room. That dark table! That’s in our near future. And these white chairs! Not in our plans but plans are always changed!

AND then I saw this:

from younghouselove

That is it, white chairs is definitely in our future.

THEN – one of the commenters (thank you, Julie!) on Young House Love said that there was a sale at Target’s on similar white chairs.


Before we made the big commitment, we decided to do some research.

All pretty similar, right? Some slight differences, yes, but the overall feel is the same. Simple, modern, cool. Can you pick out the most expensive chair from the picture? What about the chair that’s priced the best?

Don’t cheat. Do not scroll down. Look at the picture above and make your choices.

Are you done?


Let’s find out what the prices are…

Gasp. We zoomed to Target today and made the big purchase! Two chairs for $55! We got six chairs! You do the math! What a deal!

I can’t believe it. They need to be assembled, of course, but 27.50 per chair??? And they are pretty comfortable and cute!

If you need extra chairs, head over to Target. They have these chairs in espresso, green, and blue. And white, of course! They could be used as cute extra chairs for any room in your house. And who doesn’t need more chairs for Thanksgiving?

Where to find the white chairs pictured above? Clockwise from top left: CB2, Room and Board, CB2, IKEA, Target, Crate and Barrel. There’s also a similar white chair at West Elm.


10 Responses

  1. Love the white chairs! I’ve been thinking of painting my dining room table as well- top in espresso brown with white chairs, but perhaps a splash of colour on the rims- not sure what colour, though…. 🙂

    I lovelove the damask curtains in the photo you posted…. LOOOVE! 😉

  2. I can see that a lot of time is given into each detail of your house. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a quite a masterpiece. 😉 LMK in advance when you’ll have a housewarming party in a year or two. I’d love to attend!

  3. Christy, I agree, I love the window curtains too! Not too sure about how our bengals would treat curtains though.. probably swing on them like monkeys..

    Rach, you’re already invited. 🙂

  4. *gasp* i’m in love! I checked out the blog where the diningroom pics came from and I LOVE her bedroom- am gonna do that!! 🙂 So, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Woo hoo! Good for you!

    I had picked the Room & Board chair as the most expensive one – top row, middle. Really, though, the Target chair looks EXTREMELY similar to all the others. Great find! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing them in place!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Tawny, I’m glad! i love her bedroom too… I think she has a stencil somewhere on her blog that you could use. Let me know if you can’t find it…

    Jacci, that’s a good guess! 🙂 And happy belated thanksgiving 🙂

  7. Funny. I picked the cheapest chair as being the most expensive. Good choice!

  8. LOL i picked the most expensive one as the most cheapest one (it looked CHEAP, LOL!) and the third most expensive one as the most expensive one, hmm..

  9. Your blog is starting to freak me out because so far everything you have picked out has been on my mind for my own house! Nice taste by the way. : ) I almost bought the target chairs last weekend but they didn’t have anymore in stock. I was a little nervous about it because I had read some reviews about them scratching easily and not holding up. How have they worked out for you? I’m sure I will buy them anyway because they are so affordable and like my husband has said to me, if they scratch too much we can just repaint them. OK, while I’m listing things, I have those black and white curtains from target and I LOVE them, and also I was planning on redoing our kitchen in shades of grey, with a white countertop, and yellow backsplash. We picked those colors because our house has all black appliances and we thought those colors were the only ones that would work with black. I saw you have black appliances too, did you have the same color problems? Anyway thanks for posting such good ideas!

    • Hey Lauren – The target chairs has held up just fine but of course we don’t have kids or 400 pound people around here 🙂 But yes there are some scratches already, but they’re not that noticeable and like you said, repainting is always an option. We couldn’t pass them up because they were SOO cheap and the perfect solution until we can afford nicer dining chairs (in a x nbr of years).. still loving them!

      Kitchen appliances – yep black appliances – that’s a good question because we haven’t painted our cabinets – they’re still dark brown with black granite countertop and no backsplash. Now you’ve got me thinking that maybe white cabinets wouldn’t work that well with black appliances (our ref is stainless steel though).. Thanks for the food of thought! 🙂

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