The White Chairs in Action

I’m alive. Our visit to Iowa for Thanksgiving was great but the drive to and from there wasn’t so nice. You can add that to our list of “Let’s Not Ever Do That Again”.

Just before we went on our road trip, I snapped a few pictures of our new chairs. Here’s one… along with a before picture because it’s more fun this way.

Before: builder chandelier, cheap IKEA dining set from my old apartment, unpainted walls, plastic white blinds, and a big ugly ghost orb.. no, wait, that’s from our camera.

After: Fancy chandelier, painted walls, new chair (and still the cheap table.. we’re working on a black round table…), and destroyed-by-cats blinds.

Before and afters like this help me smile and nod my head slightly with the knowledge that we ARE making progress on this house, no matter how sloooow it seems like on some days.

I’ve got quite a few things to share with you this week – a gift that I made for my sister-in-law, a cat eating a catalog, and progress on my jewerly drawer project…


7 Responses

  1. Hey, check it out! Those chairs looks great in there 🙂 You **are** making progress, and it’s looking really good.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help thinking how much of a difference window treatments are going to make in there. Have you decided on any, yet? I’m sure you’ve seen these:

    A panel on each end and one in between the two windows would look soooo great. Hung nice and high – right beneath the ceiling. Kind of like this –

    Hope that doesn’t make you feel like you only have more to do! It’s really looking fabulous 🙂 I can totally envision that black table, too. Nice choice.


    P.S. Or these –
    Okay, now I’m done 🙂

    • Love these curtains (the first one), so beautiful and it would fit right in there! If only our cats weren’t crazy.. I’m afraid that we’ll come home one day to find the curtains all shredded and our cats laughing evilly. Nick is pretty set on not getting curtains but wooden blinds or roll-down blinds. I want curtains so much… Hmm…

      Thanks so much for the great suggestions and photos!

  2. Wow. What a transformation. Love the dining room chairs and the dark wall.

  3. Silly kitties. I can totally understand the practical side of that one. Hmmm… do the kitties **need** their claws? Should I ask something like that when they clearly are not my kitties and you don’t even really know me? 😉 Glad you liked the suggestions at any rate!

  4. Thanks, Bromeliad! 🙂

    Jacci, let me ask them… 😉 Yeah, we read all the warnings about living with crazy Bengals and we smiled and said yes… crazy or not, we love them, all parts included 😀 but I still want curtains… I will try training them. So far, no success with our Christmas tree. Sigh..

  5. LOL!!! i love it! definitely not the same home i stayed at last summer.. 🙂

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