Bathroom lighting: ideas, choices, and indecision

Now that I’ve bought the mirror and the whale art, and the rug, shower curtain, and knobs are on their way to my house, the next thing on my mind for our bathroom revamp is… well if you’ve read the title, you already know. Lighting.

Our current lights:

This is actually from our master bathroom, but you get the idea. Gorgeous, it is not. Our first floor bathroom is just like this, but with three bulbs.

I would LOVE to put in scones…


…or a ceiling light…

…but I don’t feel like calling an electrician just yet, so we’ll stick with a wall light.

I like the clean look of the lights in this photo:

via The Estate of Things

Some options we’re considering:

via Lights Fantastic

via Lights Fantastic


via Lights Fantastic

All of these come in two lights or three lights. I’m not sure which we should go for, two or three? What do you think?

Just for funsies, here’s another animated GIF to see it all in action.

I’m still not sure… Do you have any better ideas for bathroom lighting?

All lights are from Lights Fantastic –  because there’s a store in Austin and there’s a great coupon that I plan to print out and use, if we buy from them. Find the coupon here, if you’re near Austin or Dallas!


9 Responses

  1. We did some small high hats just to provide lighting evenly throughout the bathroom and a light over the vanity. I would love a chandelier/lamp in my future master bathroom.

  2. I like the third option with three lights!

  3. I think that third lighting with three lights that would looks cool! ox

  4. We are doing our bathroom too! Don’t be a dummy like us and not measure before you order your fixture we went with a fixture from Restoration Hardware and it was too small but I just checked the the triple one we need is on sale due to their annual bath sale!!

    Anywho I’m really liking the last three its got classic modern twist look. Looks good with the mirror!

  5. That’s funny because we have the same exact light fixture for both bathrooms. I HATE it! Luckily for us, my parents’ friends just moved out of their house (foreclosure on purpose) and so they told us we could have the light fixtures from their house. They gave us 3….we only need 2 so we have 1 left so we plan on selling it. We like the new light fixtures….it’s not something I would’ve picked out but it’s way better than the original ones and it’s still pretty though.

    I like the 2nd or 3rd one you posted.

  6. Love Lights Fantastic!! We ordered several rounds of pendants from them for the flip, but as you know that didn’t quite work out (not their fault, though). We seriously considered these West Elm sconces for the flip – I love them!

  7. Thanks for the feedback and the new ideas – just checked out restoration hardware and their stuff is gorgeous.. I will have to check the outlet store here! And the west elm light is another great suggestion!

  8. Something with a textured cloth shade could be nice…


  9. […] 14, 2011 We finally went on our bathroom light hunt last Saturday and it was successful! It was so successful that I was so worn out and slept all […]

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